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About Digits Sound Solutions

DIGITS is a premier international professional sound consultancy company. With a mission to be the leading brand among technology integration professionals providing comprehensive and top grade industry specific sound solutions. At Digits Sounds, we offer our clients a complete and comprehensive audio service from our facilities in Lagos, and from our worldwide network of affiliated companies.

We have been delivering these services to different levels of clientele since 2007, thereby positioning ourselves to meet your needs in terms of quality and value for money through professional expertise and experienced staff, in concert with high quality products, our company provides effectively engineered and fully integrated systems through the entire process.

Our Services

Full sound equipment gear rentals for small and medium scale outdoor events and large indoor events.Public address system & Multimedia for business meetings, conferences/ seminars and events.

Procurement/Acquisition and Installation of public address systems for churches and corporate bodies.

Musical entertainment (D-J or live band) for corporate events

Sound training and consultancy for religious bodies, media houses and event centres.


A state of the art Live Rehearsal/recording Studio.

Our equipment brands ranges from:
  • Peavey, Wharfdale, Peak-Omar, Alto Pro, LD Systems & RCF Professional loud speakers.
  • Dbx & Alesis, Behringer processors and Wharfdale/LD Amplifiers, Allen Heath/ Alto Mixers.
  • Shure, AKG and LD systems• & Microphones with Proel/Nuetrix accessories.
    Yamaha keyboards, Peavey/Ibanex guitars & drums backlines.
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Digits Radio 1024

Digits Radio 1024

Digits Radio 1024

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