News Letter

Go Big or Go Home

The greatest key to growing your business is to evolve and expand your horizon while maintaining a will to service the needs of the public.
It is also important to maintain a company of either staff, investors or friends that share your company’s values and goals.

2020 has so far proven to be quite a stunner. From losing one of Basketball’s finest, Kobe Bryant to the renowned Majek Fashek, to the brutal murder of George Floyd, Jacob Blake not mention the death of Black Panther star, Chadwick Boseman. Amidst all of these, a pandemic that brought the world to its knees.

The Pandemic has affected and is still affecting individuals and businesses alike and we- Digits Audio/Visual Solutions Ltd, are not exempted.
We have been dedicated to providing top grade professional live sound equipment rentals, procurement and configuration to suit all sorts of needs/events since 2007.
In time we branched out to offering consultation services for live sound which also led us to further include offering transcription as a service. Our transcription services entails the audio recording of meetings or court sessions to be transcribed.
In 2016 we then decided to spread our wings a little wider and that saw the launching of our online radio station (Digits1024 Radio – Having agreed that negative news was free and available everywhere, we wanted to do something different. We decided to distinguish ourselves by ensuring that all contents- programs, music, social media posts, etc remain inspiring, motivating, educating and above all, promotes positivity.
As you would guess by now, we didn’t just stop there, we ventured into jingle/voice-over production, live streaming of events via our radio and renting out a part of our studio for music and dance sessions/rehearsals, meetings, small parties: baby and bridal showers, birthdays, etc.
The launch of the radio station also saw us stretching our consulting services to include online radio programming and installation.

However, like a lot of other businesses during this pandemic, we were hit hard but we decided we were going to get the best of 2020(whatever that meant) and not the other way round.
We took a look at services we could still render amidst the restrictions and then we took a look at new services we could bring ourselves to provide to suit the current pressing needs of the public. We noticed a spike in the interest in holding virtual meetings and especially the use of Zoom, a popular virtual meeting app.
We concluded that we could invest in a paid plan alongside our audio streaming service on our radio and help individuals, organizations, churches, schools, etc, to stream/moderate their services, meetings, webinars, e-learning classes, etc. After a lot of further research, we came up with ways to help people stream their sessions on multiple platforms at once as well as installing permanent live streaming solutions for various clients.
Thankfully, the lock down is being gradually eased across the country and while strictly adhering to health guidelines, we are likewise able to gradually adjust and pick up all previous services as well as maintaining all new services.

As evident throughout our story, you can see that our determination to evolve and stretch beyond our basic services without defying our principles and values, remain constant.

2020 gave everyone two options, “Go Big or Go Home”.
We chose the former. Which one have you chosen or which will you choose?

We leave you with this popular quote by Winston S. Churchill

~ Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”